Over the last decade, hemp has become one of the more beneficial supplements for supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. This is primarily due to hemp’s outstanding impact on the body’s endocannabinoid system and overall quality of life. Producing local, Atlanta-based hemp products is regulated under the Georgia Hemp Farming Act. The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) issues processor permits and grower licenses that must be obtained before producing hemp-based products.

Georgia’s climate offers a desirable set of factors for the promotion of hemp growth, like our humid air as well as the rich Georgia soil. This allows for some of the best hemp growth in the entire country. Finding refined, organic, and holistic hemp products can be a huge challenge at times, but buying products from Green Toad Hemp offers you the opportunity to get the very best.

Buying products directly from our CBD Dispensary in Metter or Atlanta, Georgia, will give you access to some of the most renowned products in the industrial hemp world. The quality of farming here in Georgia has always been a sweet spot for this state and hemp is no exception. Here in Georgia, we pride ourselves on the standards of our hemp, which is grown with passion and love. We believe this translates into the overall quality of our product.

If you’re interested in obtaining the best products made from local Georgia hemp, The Green Toad Hemp Farm is ready to serve. We offer smokable hemp flower, full Spectrum CBD Gummies, CBD health and wellness supplements, delta 10 tinctures, vapes, topicals, CBD for pets, and the ever-popular Delta 8-based products. We believe we are the best CBD store in Metter or Atlanta. Feel free to check out some of our positive customer reviews online or come stop by today!

Why Buy Local Georgia Hemp Products

Here at The Green Toad Hemp, we live by a standard of whatever it takes to get the highest quality hemp into our customer’s hands. We also want to make sure that everything we do follows the industry’s best practices. For instance, our hemp farms are certified and licensed, and we ensure that every product we offer is made from locally grown hemp. In addition, Green Toad Hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC, per local Georgia law, and are tested per federal regulations.

Cutting-edge science and research guides everything we do at The Green Toad Hemp Farm in Georgia. We offer well-defined shipping and return policies to ensure a stellar customer experience and complete customer satisfaction. Following these standards is a must for Green Toad Hemp. We strive to provide the industry’s best CBD and THC products across Metter, Atlanta, and the greater surrounding region.