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ABOUT Reggie

Georgia resident Reginald Reese is the visionary founder of Green Toad Farms! Reggie is an Alumnus of the University of Alabama and had a stellar career of over 25 years as a retail corporate executive along with logistics and Restaurant retail service, with service as an executive at Wal-Mart, Ross, Sears, Shopko and other great American retailers, Reggie has managed Billions in annual revenue and thousands of employees. The knowledge and experience gained in Fortune 1 retail provides a significant strategic advantage for Green Toad as a Farm. His knowledge of logistics and distribution gives us the ability to deliver a Farm Fresh Smokable product to the market. This is an enormous advantage over other producers and distributors.  

His understanding of massive scale allows us to build a plan from the start that is ripe for growth and scale.

Reggie has prepared for this opportunity by working with the University of Georgia and the State Dept of Agriculture to learn the required information and he has received a certification from the US Hemp Authority. 


I grew up watching family and friends suffer from illnesses from high blood pressure to cancer and the only treatment was chemotherapy and opioid prescriptions.  These solutions not only had side affects that were worse than the illness, the prescription drugs became addictive and destroyed many people I love.  

The Hemp industry has been shut off and its power to heal has been lost for over 70 years  to the politics of men who didn’t care about the powers of the Hemp plant but only cared about their politics.  We now have a new life a rebirth of the greatest healing plant on Earth and my life is committed to growing, processing and providing a easy accessible supply chain for everyone who wants a medical healing plant that can change their life forever and protect and heal all the people they love and care about.   Our body naturally produces cannabinoids, however, our system requires a consistent dose of cannabinoids that Mother Earth gives us in endless supply when we have the freedom to grow and produce this life saving, natural healing plant.

Reginald Reese

Recognition & Awards

Walmart Market Manager of the Year

Black Enterprise 20/20 Business Summit Keynote Speaker

Featured on Cover of Walmart World Magazine