D8 – 375mg Gummies – 15 Pack


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  • Produced by a 3rd generation confectioner
  • Assorted flavors
  • Delta 8 CBD
  • Each Gummy is 25mg

Ingredients: Corn syrup (from corn, Sugar (from beets), water, CBD derived from the hemp plant, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial colors, pectin (derived from fruits), vegetable oil (canola, coconut oil) Carnuba leaf wax (to prevent sticking), natural and artificial coloring, and granulated sugar coating on the outside (to prevent sticking).


2 reviews for D8 - 375mg Gummies - 15 Pack

  1. August

    I work at a vape store and I talk about Delta-8 so much it haunts me in my dreams! I had purchased the 5 pack at my store a month prior. I ran out of Delta-8 flower and found these gummies. I decided, why not, eat all 5 gummies. Boy was that the best night of my life. I cannot fathom how bad I wanna be in a state of mind like that again. I’d sell my kidney for it. 11/10 highly recommended

  2. Lucy

    I purchased a five-pack at a Fair in Metter. I have tried CBD before and used it for a month. It did not help with my sleep issues. I found myself waking only once the first time I used Delta 8 THC. I will order.

    • Dwayne Hirsch

      Thank you for your purchase and review. We look forward to seeing you at the store at 702 SW Broad in Metter!

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