Antonio Chimuku

Founding Partner of Almadula in Mulino, Oregon. He was born and raised in West Africa and brings his culture and family tradition of farming with him to his production of medicinal cannabis and hemp. Antonio has studied under Master Growers both domestically and abroad and brings a vast network of cannabis and cannabis related relationships to Almadula. He loves to learn and brings humility to the process in order to grow his business and relationships. He continues to be successful in developing cost effective approaches and strategies that yield high quality products. Before legalization in Oregon Antonio owned and operated his company, Chimuku Mechanical & Construction which specializes in HVAC. Since legalization his company has focused on providing HVAC support to many grow facilities, expanding relationships and supporting other like-minded farmers. Antonio looks forward to growing Almadula long into the future and cultivating new products and relationships to best serve his community.

Jerry Robinson Jr.

Jerry Ra as he is known in the local urban farming community, is our current Urban Farming Superstar. While double majoring in Soil/Crop Science and Horticulture in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences, at The Ohio State University; his revolutionary agrarian spirit was completely ignited when he met Will Allen and completed a certification course in Commercial Urban Agriculture (CUA) at Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI class of 2012. After his experience at Growing Power, Jerry dedicated himself to a personal mission of developing urban food infrastructure systems in every city he landed. With 18 years of experience in urban farming, he has specialized in growing herbs specific to human diseases, fifteen different types of microgreens, vertical farming and aquaponics. To further serve the purpose, he formed The Urban Green University, after moving to Dallas, Texas and attending several agricultural conferences, workshops and seminar where the lack of the cannabis cultivation was not being discussed.

Monica Wilson

Founded Striving on Solutions Foundation, Inc. in 2019, she oversees all community development services, building and apprenticeship projects. She also serves as Chief Compliance Officer for Potted Earth, LLC. ensuring farms stay inside of local and state guidelines for growing practices. Her vast knowledge of the licensing and application process will help expedite the initial intake process for new farms who will work with Potted Earth, LLC.

Monica had previously spent 20 years in the oil and gas industry holding several consulting positions as a high-level Compliance/Requirements Officer.

She also has a Bachelors in Business Administration with Computer Information Systems concentration from University of Houston. She currently resides in the Texas and Louisiana area.