President/Chief of Business Development 

Chicago Native Dwayne Hirsch is a powerful addition to the GTF team! As one of Chicago’s best known professionals, Dwayne has extensive experience in business development through both Real Estate and consumer packaged goods.

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Email: thegreentoadhemp@gmail.com

My Story

For many years now, I have carried an unspoken burden. I have a 17 year old son on the Autism Spectrum. I have never been very public about it and had chosen to focus on looking at ways to offset my son’s “symptoms”. He is an amazing boy who does great in school and does not have many of the behavioral issues that we associate with Autism. His challenges are more related to interpersonal communication and while learning about it when he was younger, his Mom and I saw parents who we felt had a tougher hill to climb than we did. 

However, as my son has grown older, I have longed for him to break free in his expression. I have wanted him and ask me the questions I asked my dad as a young man, and to teach him things and be fully certain that he understands the magnitude of the things I share with him through reciprocal conversation and interaction, Often when he speaks, it appears that he is experiencing tension and anxiety. It is my belief that the relief of that tension and anxiety may afford him what he needs to speak more freely. He is just turning 17 and as we learn more, we are preparing to add Cannabinoids to his daily diet and review its effects. 

In looking for ways to assist my son as he moves toward an independent, adult future, I have looked into promising information from the Cannabinoid spectrum. For my son, my aging Mother and the needs of people everywhere, and even family members who have passed on, I have taken on this assignment because I believe that the means to better health has always been denied to the people overall. The re-emergence of hemp as a regenerative environmental plant and my ability to activate effectively in this space creates a dream opportunity to still be a pioneer among my peers in an industry that is old, yet very new again, and bursting with rewards. My family and I look forward to serving your family’s needs for generations to come.  

Dwayne Hirsch

Recognition & Awards

Appointment to eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council-2019

Governor Bruce Rauner's Difference Makers Award 2018

Appointment to the African American Advisory Council for the Illinois State Comptroller Leslie Munger 2016

SBAC Advocate of the Year 2017

Chicago Association of Realtors 2016 Top Producer in Woodlawn.

SIB's Breakfast Club African American Business Leaders, Innovators and Game Changers - 2018