Wholesale Services from Green Toad 

As a trusted and competitively-priced wholesale partner, Green Toad is second to none! We can offer sensible solutions to most of your operation’s supply chain issues. From premium-quality products made with local Georgia-based ingredients to custom packaging and labeling that sets your brand apart from the rest, Green Toad is your perfect CBD and hemp wholesaler! 

High Volume Pre-Roll Production and Packaging 

Let us get your business in order by saving you time and money with our swift-to-market preroll production system. Get up to 10,000 pre-rolls per day at the best prices in the market! 

We also produce Moonjoints and Moonrocks (Caviar) along with bottling and labeling services! 

Packaging and Labeling 

We don’t just roll ’em, we pack ’em!! Get your products packaged, labeled and shipped to anywhere in the world!! We have a flexible system to suit your needs, just reach out and let us resolve this challenge for you! 

Post-harvest Services for Farmers 

You scored a touchdown with your grow, but post harvest work is a 2 point conversion that means actually scoring another touchdown! From drying, de-budding and trimming to sorting, sifting, grinding, and more, we have the equipment and the personnel to get you set to go to market with your harvest!! 

White Label and Wholesale 

Whether you are buying wholesale from over 60 products under our brand or you are just too sexy and have a brand of your own to build your empire, The Green Toad will supply you with the best in daily wellness products from our array of formulas and product options. Orals, topicals, smokeables, and edibles – along with our pet product line! 

Co-Packing and Production

The Green Toad production facility boasts state of the art machines, fully capable of producing:

  • Gummies 
  • Chocolates 
  • Hard candies 
  • Vape Carts
  • Oils and liquid fill products  

We also service products that do NOT contain any Hemp or CBD whatsoever, so if you’re managing an operation outside of the hemp industry, Green Toad can still be relied on as a success-driven wholesale partner!