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Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Many experts agree that the fastest way to receive the benefits of CBD is to smoke it. The first puff offers an instant glimpse of a non-psychoactive heaven of sorts, as the tensions of the day melt away. We can now legally experience this without the side effect of being “high” or “stoned”. Unlike many of the stronger Marijuana strains, these CBD and CBG Strains offer a more palatable and beneficial experience that will not leave you confused or paranoid, but are more likely to have calming and relaxing effect.



History In the Making

We are now officially licensed for hemp cultivation in the State of Georgia. As we perpare to produce our first Georgia Grown Hemp, we have sourced the finest CBD and CBG strains from our partners across the country. These are partners that share our values and standards along with having been great resources to us in education and networking as we continue to build The Green Toad Hemp Farm with our own hands.
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